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Garden Maintenance

Every client relationship starts with an on-site, in-person visit. At our initial meeting, we will get a sense of the scope/scale of your garden as well as your top priorities and goals. Based on this, we come up with a plan and schedule tailored to your garden.

You may be looking for...

  • A one-time cleanout
  • Regular maintenance of established gardens--weeding, pruning, mulching, etc.
  • Managing invasive species concerns at the residential scale
One-Time Cleanouts

Often described as "rescue missions"--sometimes all you need is for someone to hit the reset button. In other situations, the initial cleanout may be the first step in a longer-term maintenance plan. The goal is to get to the "bones" of the garden--see what's working and what's not.

Regular Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance schedules depending on the needs of the garden: monthly, quarterly, or biannual (typically fall/spring) visits.

Maintenance visits may include tasks such as:

  • Weeding (hand weeding perennial beds)
  • Pruning shrubs & small trees
  • Mulching
  • Bed edging
  • Planting/supplementing existing plantings
  • Dividing or transplanting perennials
  • Fall leaf management

We offer limited mowing & trimming services for yards less than 1/4 acre.

Invasive Species Management

Talk to us! Every situation is unique, but we always take an ecological approach.


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