Growing Practices

The short story: We are focused on building healthy soil and increasing biodiversity on our 1/3 acre plot of land. We are not certified organic, but we use beyond-organic practices and are happy to explain exactly what we do.

General Philosophy

We strive to grow as much as possible on our third of an acre. Is it a farm or a garden? To the USDA, Yellow House Farm isn't even a blip on the radar. But it is enough space to grow quite a bit of produce--more than we could possibly eat ourselves. We focus on crops that do not require a huge amount of square footage and we try to be creative in maximizing space.

Underlying all of the individual decisions about how to grow things is the idea that healthy soil is the most important element in the equation. We are starting with a typical American lawn and working towards a biodiverse, productive growing environment. For us, this means minimal soil disturbance, the frequent addition of organic matter (through mulching and compost), and absolutely no herbicide or pesticide use.

What We Grow

As we get started, we are focused on annual vegetables, but we are actively working to add more perennials, especially fruit. We would also like to add mushrooms and more small livestock, such as goats and rabbits, in the future. Here is a list of what we are growing in 2018: